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Home of the Jossverse Male/Male Mini-Ficathons

Jossverse M/M Slash Minificathons
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Welcome to maleslashminis, a Jossverse slash mini-ficathon community!
Your current mods are mireille719 and soft_princess,
who can be reached at mireille719 and soft.princess ({at}gmail{dot}com).

A new ficathon round begins approximately once every three weeks. A poll is posted (currently on Thursdays) to determine the focus of the current round. The poll closes on Saturday, and a signup post goes up shortly thereafter. Signups close on Monday; assignments are sent out by Wednesday night (North American time), and participants have until the second Sunday after that (approximately 10 days) to complete their fic. Then a masterlist goes up, the fic (or links to it) is posted, and on Thursday, we start all over again.

Community Rules

Membership is restricted to those 18 years of age and older. You must have an age statement in your LJ profile showing that you are over 18 in order to join the community. If you don't use LiveJournal and want to participate, please either send the mods a link to a place where an age statement can be found (such as another journal site) or email us an age statement.

What this community is for:

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly fiction, including crossovers among those three shows
  • Male/male slash fiction -- other pairings can be part of the story, but the main pairing should be m/m slash
  • Stories of any rating, from G to NC-17
  • Stories featuring characters aged sixteen and over (it's fine to have a younger kid (such as Dawn) in the story, but not as part of a romantic/sexual pairing)
  • Complete stories (no WIPs) of at least 500 words
  • Stories that have been beta-read (at a minimum: free from errors that can be found by LJ's spellchecker)

What this community isn't for:

  • Off-topic posts of any kind, including (but not limited to) community promotion, without mod permission
  • Character- or pairing-bashing fic
  • Crossovers outside of the three fandoms above, except when specifically allowed for a challenge
  • Gen fic, "friendship" fic, or fic in which the main pairing is anything other than m/m slash (all of which are awesome, but outside the scope of maleslashminis)
  • Fic not specifically written for one of the ficathon rounds

If you don't have/don't use LJ, you can still participate (though participants without an LJ will not be able to vote in polls)! Sign up via anonymous comment or OpenID, and on the due date, link the masterlist to your fic posted elsewhere (another journal site/an archive/your own website/etc.). That also applies if you have an LJ, but don't want to post fic there; you're welcome to link us to fic posted elsewhere.

This community values the creative energy and time that writers pour into their fanfiction and share freely with us, other fans. Because of this, plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please go to the info page of stop_plagiarism for a definition of plagiarism. If we receive a report of plagiarism, it will be investigated and if verified, the plagiarist will be reported to stop_plagiarism and the poster will be banned from this community. We also encourage all of our members to support the creative labor of their favorite authors by joining stop_plagiarism. (This policy was taken from stop_plagiarism and is used with permission.)

Previous Fic

All previous masterlists
Stories from rounds 1-11, indexed by author
Stories from rounds 1-11, indexed by character/pairing
Stories from rounds 1-11, indexed by title


Thanks to femslash_minis, from which we got the format of this community, and to willa_writes for helping to found this community and for her hard work in the early rounds.

Our lovely community banner was made by lostgirlslair.

We do not, as a rule, affiliate with other comms (though we'd consider it for comms that follow the _minis format). However, in light of recent events, we have affiliated with stop_plagiarism.