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MASTERLIST - round 36 (Spike)

Authors, please comment here with a link to your story, the title, and the pairing--and indicate if there are any comics spoilers. If you haven't been able to post your story yet, please let us know as soon as possible! Thanks.

alixtii wrote for bethynyc
bethynyc wrote for warpedminded : When Destiny Calls (Spike/Doyle)
bookishwench wrote for zoesmith : Simplicity Itself (Spike/Angel)
warpedminded wrote for bookishwench : All You Need is Love (Spike/Angel)
whichclothes wrote for alixtii : The Job (Spike/Riley)
zoesmith wrote for whichclothes : Starting Over (Spike/Lindsey)

Thank you so much to all the writers for participating in this round; please let them know if you enjoy their contributions.

Participants--please be sure to leave feedback for the author who wrote to your request. (This isn't a rule; we're not going to go around checking up on it. But we strongly encourage it, even if all you say is, "Thank you.")

The poll for Round 37 will be posted on Thursday, April 29.
Tags: admin:masterlists, character:spike, round:36
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