Mireille (mireille719) wrote in maleslashminis,

SIGNUPS: Round 36 (Spike)

Note: Due to Mod Flakiness in getting the poll closed on time, signups will be open until Tuesday evening, not Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For a long while, there was a three-way tie going, but in the end, the winner for round 36 turned out to be our favorite blond vampire, Spike!

Important dates:
Tuesday, April 13: Signups close, no earlier than 7 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 14: Assignments will be sent by 11:59 PM EDT
Sunday, April 25: Fic of 500 words or more is due by 11:59 PM  EDT

If you're new to the community, or need a refresher, please check out the rules before  signing up.

Signups couldn't be easier--just copy the information from the text box below into a comment, and replace ANSWER HERE with your information.

"Male character" should be interpreted as "canonical male character from BtVS, AtS, or  Firefly/Serenity."

We will try to give you a request that uses one of your preferred pairings, if possible, but  that will depend on the other signups. We will not match you with something you have  said you can't write.

A round must have 5 signups by closing time for us to guarantee that it will be held.  Rounds with fewer than 5 signups may or may not be held, depending on whether or not  we can match requests to authors. (If we can possibly make it work, we will.)
Tags: admin:signup posts, character:spike, round:36
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