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MASTERLIST: Round 35 (Firefly)

Participants, please leave a comment to this post that includes the title of your story, a link to it, and the pairing. If you're not going to be able to post before midnight Eastern time, please either leave a comment here, or send email to either of the mods. Thanks, and we hope you had fun writing!

alixtii wrote for lunabee34: Scars (Simon/Mal)

drsquidlove wrote for alixtii: Ex Turpi Causa (Simon/Wesley)

lunabee34 wrote for drsquidlove: And the world cracked open (Jayne/Giles)

The Round 36 poll will be posted on Thursday.

Have a great day!

A Word from Your Mods

We're catching up on some of the admin tasks that we're a bit behind on, and we're noticing something that we need to call attention to:

maleslashminis is for male/male slash stories.

(Be grateful: we resisted our urge to make that sentence blink.)

That doesn't mean that other pairings aren't welcome as part of the story--heck, with so many of our stories being set in the Buffyverse, which has both f/f and m/f canon pairings, that would be ridiculously limiting. And it doesn't mean that every story has to include NC-17 smut, lovingly described in every minute detail. (They totally can, if you want. Especially if there's Giles. But we digress.) It doesn't even mean that every story has to be relationship-focused; there's a definite place here for stories in which Wesley and Gunn are in an established relationship, and they fight crime demons while bickering about whose turn it is to do the laundry.

What it does mean is that if you think your story is primarily gen, or primarily het, to the point that you'd label it that way in your header, then it doesn't fit here. It's probably an awesome story, and if you wrote it to fit your assignment, you might even want to drop a link to the requester, who may very well enjoy stories about Xander and Andrew tooling around the country in a Ford pickup, looking for slayers and not being attracted to one another at all, if she wanted Xander/Andrew fic in which they did the same thing but also made out a lot. But it's not a maleslashminis story.

We have no plans to read the posted stories and decide whether they're "slashy enough" to belong here. When we're reading your stories, we're too busy enjoying a good read to worry about any concept like "slashy enough," never mind how utterly nit-picky that would be. We're leaving that decision up to you, the authors. But if you don't think your story is really slash, then we trust you to try again to give your requester the story that she (or he) asked for.

--mireille719 and soft_princess


Round 35 assignments sent

Assignments have gone out to the three (yes, count 'em, three) people who signed up for the Firefly round. If you don't get yours within 24 hours, contact me (this username @ gmail) and I'll resend it.

The mod team would like to thank participants for signing up in alphabetical order. It made the masterlist extra-super-duper-easy to compile. </dork>

April 4 is the deadline, so limber up your feedbacking muscles. (It appears that my "</dork>" tag didn't work. Oops.)

--mireille719 and soft_princess (who is not responsible for the weirdness of this post)


SIGNUPS: Round 35 (Firefly)

ETA, 5:30 AM Tuesday, March 23: Signups are now closed. Participants, since we only had three signups, the future of the round depends on whether or not the matchups will work. If the round is cancelled, we'll email you to let you know; otherwise, assignments will go out as scheduled.

The vote was close again this time, but this time we're going to be focusing on the men of Firefly and/or Serenity!

Important dates:
Monday, March 22: Signups close (no earlier than 10 PM EDT)
Wednesday, March 24: Assignments will be sent
Sunday, April 4: Fic of 500 words or more is due by 11:59 PM Eastern time

If you're new to the community, or need a refresher, please check out the rules before signing up.

signup info under the cutCollapse )

On Sunday, April 4, we will post the masterlist. Once that goes up, please post your fic (or a link to it) in this community, and comment to the masterlist to make sure we don't miss anything.

Thanks for signing up!

--mireille719 and soft_princess

P.S. - Neither of your mods is active in Firefly/Serenity fandom, so please, if you are, feel free to promote this round in any appropriate community!

POLL: Round 35

And it's time for our next poll!

This poll is closed.

Who should be the focus of our next round?

the men of Firefly

This poll will close no earlier than 7 PM EDT, Saturday, March 20. Signups will close on Monday, March 22, and fic for this round will be due on Sunday, April 4.

Happy voting, and thank you all for participating in the community!
Title: Wild Side

Author: snogged

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Co. own the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t.

Pairing: Lindsey/Riley; written from Lindsey’s POV.

Word Count: 1944

Rating: FRAO/NC-17 – explicit sex in public places, slash, language

Setting: sometime after Angel Season 2 – “Dead End” and Buffy Season 5 – “Into The Woods.”

Summary: Lindsey and Riley meet for the first time and temperatures rise.

Beta: one of my favorite pervy partners in crime: ash_carpenter.

A/N: written for the maleslashminis - Minor Characters Round. My prompt was from inkandchocolate and required “banter, kissing, first meeting.” Also, I incorporated the prompt- “Walking On The Wild Side”- from the community, the_elevator just for shits and giggles.

Wild Side

Snail Tale Xander/Riley, G.

Snail Tale
by Dr Squidlove

No archiving, thank you.

Riley catches up with Xander, and it turns out there's some important catching-up to do.

Xander/Riley, mild angst

Written for allyndra for the minor characters round of maleslashminis. She wanted Xander/Riley, a crossbow, wonder, a joke.

Rated G. Nothing to warn for.

Wordcount: 1649

Snail Tale

The Specialist: Ethan/Wesley, R

Title: The Specialist
Author: bethynyc
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Ethan/Wesley
Word Count: 1800
Summary: Ethan's slightly illegal stay at a health resort is interrupted—and a specialist is brought in to solve the problem
Timeline: Sometime during S2 when Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia have been fired by Angel.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Joss owns everything, but since he's not playing with the boys right now, I am!
Beta: Many thanks to sage_and_sea for her beta!
Author's Note: written for alixtii for the Minor Characters round of maleslashminis, requesting Ethan Rayne with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce and incorporating an outdoor shower and not wearing underpants. Hope you like it!

The Specialist

I wasn't sure if the power would be back on in time to post, but YAY! It is on, and I have internetz again!

MASTERLIST: Minor Characters round

Thanks to everyone who wrote in this round! Please leave a comment to this entry (even if you've already posted your fic) with the title of your fic, a link to it, and the pairing included.

alixtii wrote for snogged: A Position to Negotiate (Hamilton/Lindsey)

allyndra wrote for soft_princess: delayed

bethynyc wrote for alixtii: The Specialist (Ethan/Wesley)

delilah_joy wrote for lunabee34: Point B (Xander/Jesse)

drsquidlove wrote for allyndra: Snail Tail (Xander/Riley)

inkandchocolate wrote for whichclothes: Unto Others (Lindsey/Riley)

lunabee34 wrote for bethynyc: catching things and eating their insides (Graham/Riley)

snogged wrote for inkandchocolate: Wild Side (Lindsey/Riley)

soft_princess wrote for drsquidlove: delayed

whichclothes wrote for delilah_joy: Don't Call It Love (Xander/Riley)

The poll for the next round will go up on Thursday!
Title: A Position to Negotiate
Pairing: Hamilton/Lindsey
Summary: Hamilton helps Lindsey plan for the future.

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( Dreamwidth )

Maleslashminis News

Round 33 is currently underway. Check back on February 21 to see the results!



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