Dr Squidlove (drsquidlove) wrote in maleslashminis,
Dr Squidlove

Ex Turpi Causa - Simon/Wesley - Crossover: Firefly+Angel

Ex Turpi Causa
by Dr Squidlove

A lawyer offers to bring Simon and River their freedom. Simon thinks they'd be better off taking their chances on Serenity.

Crossover: Firefly and Angel.

Hey look, ma! I'm on time!
Written for the Firefly round of the Whedonverse maleslashminis for alixtii, who wanted Simon Tam/Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, with checking the encyclopedia and kissing.

Yay, team Fireflyminis! We three, we brave!

Rated a mild R, for sex. Everyone's all grown-up and consensual. No violence. I don't warn for anything else.

Wordcount: 3680

Ex Turpi Causa
by Dr Squidlove

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