Mireille (mireille719) wrote in maleslashminis,

MASTERLIST: Round 35 (Firefly)

Participants, please leave a comment to this post that includes the title of your story, a link to it, and the pairing. If you're not going to be able to post before midnight Eastern time, please either leave a comment here, or send email to either of the mods. Thanks, and we hope you had fun writing!

alixtii wrote for lunabee34: Scars (Simon/Mal)

drsquidlove wrote for alixtii: Ex Turpi Causa (Simon/Wesley)

lunabee34 wrote for drsquidlove: And the world cracked open (Jayne/Giles)

The Round 36 poll will be posted on Thursday.

Have a great day!
Tags: admin:masterlists, round:35
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